Welcome to PRAAGS

The Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions is an official association formed entirely by volunteers who are also leaders in the agricultural community in North County. Our mission is to find and implement a solution for the Paso Robles groundwater decline. We have been active members throughout the process for decades participating in the creation of the PRIOR agreement, the Groundwater Management Plan, Blue Ribbon Committee and voluntarily using a series of best management practices to balance and reduce our water use. We recognize change is necessary to sustain the balance of managing our limited water resources while keeping agriculture economically viable. 


PRAAGS will work cooperatively to secure a sustainable groundwater supply in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin and develop a solution that delivers:

  • An equitable approach for all water users
  • Maintains local control of our resources
  • Provides a comprehensive solution for managing our water resources

View PRAAGS Position Paper  |   Please review the Urgency Ordinance Covering the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin

Please read our letter opposing the export of water from the Paso Robles Basin


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